Recent Calls
Sun. Aug 4th 2019
The South Beloit Fire Department was dispatched for a structure fire on South Bluff Street on August 4th, 2019 at 12:37am. First in units encountered heavy smoke coming from the house. Upon entry, cre...
Sun. Jul 7th 2019
Shortly before 3 AM on Sunday, July 7th 2019, Quint 2052 and Chief Davenport were called mutual aid to the Town of Beloit for a structure fire. Photos courtesy of George Bower Fire/Rescue Photography.
Fri. Jun 8th 2018
The South Beloit Fire Department was dispatched for a structure fire on Misty Meadow Lane on June 8th, 2018 at 4:10am. A neighbor passing by spotted the fire, called 911, then knocked on the door to w...
Sun. Jun 3rd 2018
The South Beloit Fire Department was dispatched for a structure fire at 666 S Bluff St #Lot 307 on June 3rd, 2018 at 3:37am. First arriving units found a fully involved mobile home. Command immediatel...
Tue. May 8th 2018
The South Beloit Fire Department was dispatched for a two vehicle accident at the intersection of Gardner St and Willowbrook Rd on May 8th, 2018 at 2:07pm. Chief Davenport arrived on scene with the So...
News Headlines
Mon. Sep 28th 2020
Fire at 201 Wheeler Ave Press Release
Wed. Sep 9th 2020
Last night at the city council meeting Dan Zerfass was sworn in as the next chief of the South Beloit Fire Department. Chief Zerfass has been chief since September 1st, but was finally able to be swor...
Tue. Sep 8th 2020
Congratulations to Firefighter Austin Edgington on passing his National Registry Emergency Medical Technician-Basic exam. We are proud of all your hard work and dedication, working towards your EMT ce...
Wed. Aug 26th 2020
Most of you know that Chief Michael Davenport will be retiring on Monday, August 31st after 33 years with the South Beloit Fire Department. All of us are sad to see him leave, but wish him an amazing ...
Wed. Aug 26th 2020
Last night 3 new part-time Firefighters were sworn into the South Beloit Department.Probationary Firefighter/EMT Lorianne Lynch, Badge #349Probationary Firefighter Jay Price, Badge #350Probationary Fi...
Burning Ordinance
City of South Beloit's Burning Ordinance


Sec. 38-7. - Open burning.


(a) Prohibited. Except as provided herein, no person, firm, corporation, partnership or any other entity may openly burn or cause to be burned any material at any time.


(b) Definitions. Except as otherwise provided herein, words used in this section shall be given the same meaning and connotation as indicated in Webster's Seventh Collegiate Dictionary.


(c) This section does not prevent any of the following:

(1)The open burning of yard waste generated on property for a 30-day period each spring and fall to be posted by the fire chief at a location at the fire department and city hall and distributed to local media at least two weeks prior to the burning period. Open burning during this period is allowed from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

(2) Open fires kindled and maintained by the fire department for the purpose of training or public education.

(3) Outdoor cooking done in permanent fireplaces, portable braziers, grills, and other similar appliances when the purpose of burning is for the preparation of food.

(4) Recreational fires.


(d) Open burning will only be allowed between 8:00 a.m. and midnight.


(e) Open burning must be attended at all times.


(f) An adequate means for extinguishing the fire must be present and operable during the opening burning.


(g) All open burning must cease upon request of the police or fire department, if the fire has been deemed to have become a health or safety issue.


(h) Definitions.

Open burning shall include the combustion of any materials in such a way that untreated products of combustion are emitted to the open air without originating or passing through filtering equipment for which a permit has been issued by the State of Illinois.


Yard waste is defined as refuse generated from a single- or two-family residential property as a result of usual lawn maintenance and shall include any vegetable or plant refuse except garbage and agricultural waste. The term includes tree trimmings, branches, brush, leaves, weeds, shrubbery, and yard trimmings.


Recreational fires shall be limited to yard waste with branches no more than six inches in diameter (except grass clippings which shall not be burned) with the base of the fire not to exceed 36 inches in diameter with the flames not exceeding 36 inches in height. Exceptions to the size may be granted by the fire chief where proper equipment is in place and the location does not pose an undue hazard. The burning of treated wood in any form, garbage, food products, paper products or cardboard, manure, plastic, and rubber is prohibited.


(i) Enforcement.

(1) Any person shall immediately extinguish any fire that violates this section. Any fire commenced after notification by a member of the South Beloit Police Department or Fire Department shall constitute a separate violation and each day a fire continues shall constitute a separate violation.

(2) Enforcement of this section shall be the responsibility of the South Beloit Police Department or Fire Department.

(3) Penalties for violation of this section shall not exceed $750.00 per offense.


(Code 1972, § 10-7; Ord. No. 1683A, § 1, 11-1-2004; Ord. No. 1795, §§ 1—4, 3-21-2011)


South Beloit City’s Code of Ordinances


If you have any questions about the ordinance feel free to contact the fire department at 815-389-3097.



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